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We at Robo-AdvisorFinder aim to help people find, learn, compare and choose from the hundreds of different robo-advisors available.
Avoid scams, get unbiased reviews, tips and recommendations, and choose the services that best suit your needs.

Our Story

How “crazy” do you have to be to quit your job during a pandemic, where businesses are shutting down, people losing their jobs, and the whole economy is just in a frozen state?
We always try to see the glass half full, no matter how bad a situation may be, and that led us to realise the potential of a business idea.
That's how we decided to co-found Robo-Advisor Finder, a platform to make sure you take the right approach in your financial journey!

How Robo-Advisor Finder started

Robo-Advisor Finder was founded after struggling to find and compare the thousands of different Robo-Advisors available, as well as noticing some scams and lack of transparency in this industry. To solve our own problem, we created a website that helps people find, learn and compare the different robo-advisors.

The team behind Robo-Advisor Finder