Trading 212 Free Share Bonus: Promo Code “Fintech”

Ricardo Fernandes

Trading 212 Promo Code: "FINTECH"

You're likely familiar with Trading 212, a fintech company headquartered in London. Renowned for its accessibility and affordability, Trading 212 has gained popularity among beginner investors, offering a user-friendly platform that democratizes investment.

Trading 212 offers commission-free trading of stocks and ETFs, fractional shares, among other features, such as, the Auto Invest and Pies feature, which simplifies portfolio building for novices.

To further broaden access to investing, Trading 212 extends a compelling offer: new customers who register, deposit a minimum of €/£10, and utilize the promo code "Fintech" receive a free share worth up to €/£100. But that's not all. For those with a network of investor friends, Trading 212 is also offering an additional 5 shares when friends are invited through their personal link.

How to get a Trading 212 free stock

Although it's a straightforward process, you must complete the following steps to qualify for a free stock:

  1. Sign up with Trading212 on your mobile phone or PC. Below, our team has compiled information on how to register via mobile phone. However, if you prefer using your PC, the process is practically the same.
Mobile Phone Sign-Up Process (Source: Trading 212 iOS App)

To open an account, choose the 'Invest' option highlighted in orange, or the ISA account in red (only applicable to UK residents). Keep in mind, you can have an Invest account alongside an ISA or CFD account.

  1. Enter the Promo Code FINTECH in the Trading 212 application, following the steps bellow in the Menu tab ≡
Promo code on mobile phone (Source: Trading 212 iOS App)
  1. Complete the identity verification process, by providing necessary identification documents, such as the citizen identity card, along with a selfie. To finalize your verification, you must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid TIN (tax identification number).
  2. Complete your initial deposit on the platform, ensuring it's a minimum of €/£10, as outlined in Trading 212’s Terms and Fees. This deposit must be made within 10 calendar days of submitting your account to qualify for the complimentary share.
  3. Now, you are able to get your free stock, which will be received within 3 business days. 

If you have any questions, feel free to consult the Terms and Conditions of the program available on the Trading 212 website!

Is it possible to earn multiple free shares?

Yes! Trading 212 allows investors to earn up to 5 extra shares. To qualify for these shares, simply invite your friends through your referral link and ensure they complete the process of registration, verification, and deposit, just like you did.

You can review the program on the Trading 212 Help Centre, where the company has explained the entire process.

When can I withdraw my free shares?

When you receive your free share, you have the option to retain it or sell it whenever you choose. However, please note that you can only withdraw the proceeds from the sale 30 days after receiving the share. Until then, the amount will not be reflected in your 'Free Funds' as it will be locked in your portfolio.

It's important to highlight that the proceeds from the sale or the received share do not affect your remaining funds, as your initial deposit remains withdrawable at any time.


With the FINTECH promo code, Trading 212 has created a win-win arrangement, allowing you to receive free shares easily without needing a large deposit or specific trading volume to unlock the bonus.

This free share program is a way Trading 212 devised to spread the word and grow its customer base. Although Trading 212 is not available in the U.S. due to regulations, this practice is common in the american market, as evidenced by the growth of platforms like Robinhood and Webull through similar programs.


Is Trading 212 available in the UK?

Yes, Trading 212 is available in the UK, along with over 100 other countries. While the platform is globally available, it's crucial to note a few exceptions, including the US, Canada, and Belgium.

Is Trading 212 safe?

Yes! Trading 212 is regulated by the FCA, one of the UK's and world’s most reliable regulatory bodies. It offers protections, including coverage of up to £85,000 per person through the UK's FSCS and, under the CySEC regulation, up to €20,000 through Cyprus' ICF in the event of broker insolvency.

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