M1 Finance Referral Bonus: Give $10 – Get $10 M1 Referral Link!

Toni Nasr, CFA, FRM

M1 Finance is a popular fintech company known for its automated, commission-free investing portfolios. The company also offers other financial services like investing, borrowing and banking services. Its platform gives you the ability to manage all your finances in one place.

M1 Finance conducts many promotional campaigns and offers sign-up bonuses to new and existing customers.

In this article, you will find a detailed analysis of the M1 Finance referral bonus, the countries where the M1 Finance referral promo is available, and some other related details. If you want to earn some additional money, just keep reading!

M1 Finance referral bonus terms

💰 Bonus: $10 For you and $10 for your friend

✍️ Condition: $100 deposit

🏆 Referral Link: Claim your bonus

⏰ Time to claim the offer: Within 14 business days, once you open and fund your account for a full 30-day period

🚩Available: Only in the US

What is the M1 Finance referral bonus?

The M1 Finance promo is a sign-up bonus given to both existing and new users for each successful referral. You are eligible to receive a $10 M1 Finance referral bonus when you refer a friend or get referred to M1 Finance.

Using this referral link, you will get $10 as a sign-up bonus once you fund your account with $100 (within 30 days of opening it) and maintain this balance for 30 days.

As you refer others to M1 Finance using your link, you would be eligible for the $10 referral bonus if they fund and maintain their balance for 30 days. Then, you will receive a $10 referral bonus in your Payment Account within 14 days. In addition, your friend will also receive their $10 referral bonus in their Payment Account.

M1 Finance does not charge commissions or brokerage fees, so it is totally free to open an account!

On a side note, you must open an individual account to receive your M1 referral bonus if you decide to open a retirement account since M1 Finance does not deposit referral bonuses into a retirement account.

How to get the M1 Finance bonus

To get your M1 Finance sign up bonus, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click this referral link,
  2. Open an account,
  3. Deposit funds in M1 Finance ($100 for an individual account or $500 for a retirement account),
  4. You will receive the $10 bonus in your account (within 14 business days),
  5. Earn an additional $10 bonuses by inviting your friends to the M1 Finance platform and using your code.

Once credited, you will see a $10 Promotional Credit in the Activity section.

There is no limit to how many referrals you can make. So, you can invite as many friends or family members as you like and earn $10 for each successful M1 Finance referral by using your unique referral link.


M1 Finance is a famous financial services company offering robo-advisory services in addition to investing, borrowing, and banking services. As it operates in a highly competitive landscape, it continuously offers attractive promotions to acquire new users. You can easily earn money via their Get $10, Give $10 promotion by just sharing your referral link with your friends and family!

You can start earning the first $10 using this M1 promo link (after opening and funding your account with a minimum of $100 and maintaining that amount for at least 30 days), then start sharing your link and get paid.

Other FAQs

Will the M1 Finance referral bonus be subject to tax?

Your tax advisor should inform you about the appropriate tax treatment for this promotion.

Why do companies give free bonuses?

Companies give free bonuses to incentivize referrals and grow their customer base.

Does the M1 Finance referral bonus work in Europe?🇪🇺

The M1 Finance referral bonus does not work in Europe. The Trading 212 Promo Code Bonus works in Europe, though.

Does the M1 Finance referral bonus work in Canada?🇨🇦

The M1 Finance referral bonus does not work in Canada.

Does M1 Finance give free stocks?

No, you cannot get free stocks on M1 Finance. However, qualified users can earn a $10 sign-up reward using this M1 bonus link.

Can I get 30 dollars using M1 referral program?

Yes, you can get 30 dollars once you refer 3 of your friends using your M1 finance referral link, and they successfully open and fund their accounts.

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