Mintos Promo Code 2024: M24STARTNOW” (€50 + 1% Bonus)

Franklin Carneiro da Silva

Mintos started as a crowdlending platform, but now it is offering Core mintos ETF, a personalized ETF portfolio created from reputable ETF providers like iShares and Vanguard. It is a great way to diversify your investments!

To attract new clients, mintos is offering a set of bonuses that can be activated simply by using the promo code M24STARTNOW, namely an instant €50 if you deposit a minimum of €1,000 and an addtional 1% of the average balance during 90 days (with no balance limit).

mintos bonus promo code terms and conditions

🏆 Promo Code: M24STARTNOW

💰 mintos bonus: Instant €50 + an additional 1% bonus of your average balance over a period of 90 days following the bonus offer start date.

🤝🏿 Condition: Invest at least €1,000 within the bonus campaign period

🌐 Available in: All countries where mintos operates

Key Details of the mintos Promo Code Offer

  1. Instant Bonus: Earn a one-time bonus of €50 once your outstanding principal investments reach at least €1,000 (or currency equivalent) within the specified term of your personal bonus offer (the €50 is received within two business days).
  2. Additional 1% Bonus: Qualify for an extra 1% bonus calculated over the daily average of your new investments held on the platform over a period of 90 days following the offer’s start date (the defined amount is received within seven business days after completing the 90 days).
  3. Investor Eligibility: This offer is available exclusively to investors who receive the bonus offer directly from Mintos via email, on the Platform, or through one of Mintos’ active affiliate partners, like ourselves.

How to Claim Your mintos Bonus

  • Step 1: Register and invest on the Mintos platform using the promo code M24STARTNOW within the campaign period:
Mintos Promo Code
mintos hompegae
  • Step 2: Ensure your investments reach the required threshold to earn the Fixed Bonus.
  • Step 3: Continue investing to benefit from the Additional 1% Bonus over the next 90 days.

Terms and Conditions

For a detailed understanding of the bonus program, including eligibility criteria and conditions, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

mintos is entitled to modify or terminate the bonus terms at its discretion, ensuring transparency and fairness throughout the promotion.

Bottom line

With its simple method, investors can easily go through the entire process, from signing up to making investments, and finally, to benefiting from bonuses.

Whether you want to broaden your investment portfolio or seek out new opportunities for expansion, mintos offers a platform that addresses various investor requirements.

This article seeks to give a detailed summary of the mintos promo code offer, ensuring that investors have a good understanding of the advantages and terms linked to it. Remember, investing comes with risks, including the possibility of losing your initial investment, so it's crucial to carefully examine all the information available and assess your investment goals and tolerance for risk before getting involved.

Other FAQs

How does Mintos ensure the calculation of bonuses?

All calculations regarding the additional bonus are done by mintos, guaranteeing accuracy and fairness.

When are bonuses paid?

The €50 bonus is paid within 2 business days after meeting the investment requirement, and the additional bonus within 7 business days after the 90-day term.

Is there a risk of bonus suspension?

Yes, if an investor violates any mintos General Terms and Conditions, the payment of bonuses can be suspended.

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